About Department


Department of Business Law and Administrative Law carries out the training of students in the specialty: 
081 - Law in the degrees of higher education:
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Master’s Degree
  • Philosophy Doctor(graduate school)

Under the special curriculum, the department carries out entrance examinations on the basis of the degree of education of a junior specialist and junior bachelor, as well as for obtaining a second higher education.

Training at the department on the specialty: 081 – Law is carried out on the specialization ” Business and administrative law and process” in full-time and part-time forms of study.
Together with fundamental legal disciplines, students receive in-depth knowledge of legal regulation of commercial and other economic activities, corporate legal relations, management and foreign economic activity, securities market, financial and banking law, legal issues of the taxation system, contractual law. They also get skills in drafting economic contracts, procedural documents in court cases, studying the basics of organization and implementation of legal practice.

Graduates work as advocates, notaries, judges, prosecutors, legal advisers, arbitration managers, state registrars, tax inspectors, law enforcement investigators, heads of legal and administrative departments, university lecturers, civil servants, and law managers.

Actual information on admission for studying at the department are presented on the website of the Admissions Committee.

Information on admission for studying on the second higher education are presented on the site of the Institute of Postgraduate Education KPI im. I. Sikorsky

Department has 22 years of experience in the training of qualified lawyers, and today it consists of 11 members. There are 3 doctors of legal sciences, 1 doctor of economics (part-time), who have  teaching experience from 10 till 40 years, 2 associate professors,  candidate of legal sciences who have  teaching experience more than 15 years, and 3 teachers.

Courses of administrative procedural law and economic procedural law, tax law, tax law problems are taught by teachers with significant experience in practical work in courts.

Historical background:

The history of the department of business and administrative law originates from the section of law that existed in 1989-1991. In 1994, the Department of Law was created in the KPI, which was renamed to Department of Economic and Criminal Law because of establishing in the KPI the Faculty of Law in 1996. After joining the faculties of law and sociology (August 26, 2008), the department became a part of the faculty of sociology and law. In connection with this decision of the Academic Council of the KPI dated 08.12.2008 and by the order of the rector of 03.03.2009 the department was renamed to Department of administrative, financial and business law.

In May 2013, the Academic Council of the University changed the name of the department to the Department of Business and Administrative Law.

At different times such well-known Ukrainian legal scientists , doctors of law, professors as I.P. Golosnichenko (head of the department from 2008 till 2016), D.I. Golosnichenko, S.G. Gordienko, A.F. Zelinsky, V.M. Marchuk, P.S. Matushevsky, V.P. Mikulin, V.I. Osadchy, G.V. Pronsky, A.P. Tuzov (Head of the Department from 1994 till 01.07.2008, Founder and Dean of the Faculty of Law of NTUU “KPI” in 1996-2008), Y.O. Frytsky, O.H. Yuldashev, and also doctor of economics, professor A.F. Gonchar, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor S.I. Yakovenko  worked and are working at department.