Department of Economic and Administrative Law of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky KPI” invites entrants to study in the specialization “Economic and Administrative Law and Process” – one of the most promising specialties 081 “Law”.

Graduates of the Department on bachelor’s degree, according to the official data of the Ministry of Education and Science, were ranked by 5th place among all graduates of higher educational institutions of Ukraine who were admitting in 2017. Our graduates took the 3rd place on the middle point of the entrance test for the logistics for master’s degree (TZNPK).


Bachelor with qualification “Lawyer” (studying on the basis of complete secondary education, term of study is 3 years 10 months)

Bachelor with qualification “Lawyer” (training on the basis of the obtained educational qualification level “junior specialist “ – 2 years and 10 months)

Master’s degree in law “Lawyer” (studying on the basis of the bachelor’s degree program, the term of study is 1 year 4 months)

Ph.D. (candidate of science) with the qualification ” Philosophy Doctor in law” (studying on the basis of the program of preparation of the master’s degree, the term of study is 4 years).